Intoto Surrogacy Management System is the only system designed for surrogacy and fertility management. It consists of the all the building blocks required for successfully running a surrogacy business, and it is adjustable to be tailor‑made for your business.

The principal entities managed by the product are households (your customers) and surrogates. Additionally you can manage all other factors in the process: egg donors, doctors, clinics, intended parents, babies, lawyers, escrow accounts, and agencies. The product keeps not only a database of all those contacts and entities but also manages the complex relations between them, and keeps track of how these relations change over time.

Although the product answers the requirements of running a surrogacy-related business, it's only natural that your business has special procedures which have special requirements. We are here to adjust, add or remove features in order for you to feel you received a tailor‑made product that fits just for you.


There are several modules that make the product so powerful:


Automate correspondence with prospect clients, surrogates and egg donors. Get notified for clogs in the pipeline. Schedule emails, integrate with landing page or with application forms, and more.

Converting leads is one of the key factors in your success, but sometimes things are not being taken care of as you want. How much money do you invest in finding suitable surrogates? How long does it take for you to reply to a client after they showed interest? Can you tell who are the most urgent people you need to call?

Surrogacy Management

The Surrogacy Management module allows you to keep track of your surrogate recruitment, screening, matching and pregnancy cycles procedures. Pre-designed workflows automate correspondence with surrogates. Keep track of the surrogate recruitment and matching process. For example, you will be notified if a surrogate is stuck in 'waiting for psychological evaluation' for more than a certain amount of days. You can easily find who are the surrogates who fit best for a household according to several criteria. Activities that are kept on a household are visible on both the household and the surrogate's timelines.


Manage genetic material - sperm, eggs, embryos - and their progress into being your clients new babies. All fertility screening, history and treatment timeline is available for every baby, and for every household.

Deploy pre-designed fertility and embryo-transfer workflows.

Household and Surrogate Portals (* in development phase)

Your customers and surrogate will get the service they deserve if they feel they have full control 24/7. Portals saves you the task of sending periodical reports to households and surrogates - they can easily subscribe to notifications on any update on their account.

You set the policy of controlling what and when to show information: whether everything is visible by the customers by default, or if you choose to manually expose info.


Organize your contacts in groups. Send emails to all group members at once, or perform batch activities on them.

Choose which are the contacts you want to discuss on your weekly team meeting. Send a reminder email to event participants. Print out communication data for only part of the contacts. It's up to you.


Manage all surrogacy-related documents on the same place. Easily find documents which are related to a household, surrogate, other contact or to an event on their timeline.

It only makes sense not to keep documents separately from your business data - uploading and viewing documents is part of your day-to-day work, together with manipulating data. It’s all done in the same place.

Documents are categorized, linked to specific contacts or activities, and easily searched.

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