Automate correspondence with prospect clients, surrogates and egg donors. Get notified for clogs in the pipeline. Schedule emails, integrate with landing page or with application forms, and more.

Surrogacy Management

Surrogates recruitment and workflows easily managed


Manage genetic material - sperm, eggs, embryos - and their progress to be your clients new babies. All fertility screening, history and treatment timeline is available for every baby

Household and Surrogate Portals

Lets you choose what data your customers and surrogates see on their account. Choose from timeline, coming events, tips, invoices, and more


Organize your contacts in groups. Send emails to all group members at once, or perform batch activities on them


Manage all surrogacy-related documents on the same place. Easily find documents which are related to a household, surrogate, other contact or to an event


Focus on Journeys

This helps you manage returning customers. When a household returns after a several years, you want to start over clean with new surrogates, donors, and other journey participants. Every data you see is journey-related so you don't have to see information from journeys you're not interested in. Information from old journeys is always kept and can be browsed as well.

Full Control

Get a log of what your team did on the system, and when. Track every field edit, or new values being added.

Sync data with forms on your website, such as "contact us" or application forms. Export forms straight from the system
Easily Import

Import data from Excel files, or straight from your document folder on your file system 

Automated Workflows

Workflows let you program activities that are repetitive and happen more than once. For example - a series of templated emails to a lead after 1 day and after three days; assigning tasks to team members upon external events, and more

Templated Emails

You design you email templates in advance, and then use them in automatic rules, in group email, or just as a shortcut to sending an email you repeatedly send.

Automated Emails

Emails are sent from the system to your contacts/clients upon events, for example when someone fills in a contact form on the web site.



Get notified! You choose which events interest you, and whether you want to be notified immediately by email, daily or weekly. Be the first to know when your team member added a new customer, or when a surrogate has just given birth.

Recycle Bin

Deleted contacts are kept for you to recycle them in case they were mistakenly deleted.

Relevant Data Only!

Data is always kept with context, so, for example, when looking for a piece of information on a customer, you don't need to see their previous journey. You can even see only information which is relevant to the current fertility and pregnancy cycle.